History of the ULTIMO fashion group

Ultimo Fashion GmbH was founded in 1996 by the textile engineers Mr Yasin Safak and Mr Thomas Engel in Mönchengladbach. The business idea was to procure brand products from a number of different designers at the best possible prices, made possible due to overstocking of existing brand products, and then to distribute these via a self-managed retail store.

In the course of the first years, Ultimo Fashion GmbH saw itself exclusively as a fashion outlet for high-quality fashion brands. Since its founding in 1996, and thanks to the success of this concept, the business has seen a dynamic development in this area.

What initially started out as one business in Mönchengladbach has in the meantime grown into thirteen throughout Germany and one in Austria.

Starting in 2008, apart from this line of business, the Ultimo Fashion Group developed MILANO ITALY, which is a completely autonomous specialist retail brand when compared with the fashion outlet area.

This business, which started out purely with one collection of women's wear blouses, was supplemented by knitwear and polo elements in the course of time and rapidly developed into one of the most successful collections in the blouse segment.

Since 2010, under the label of MILANO ITALY, specialist retailers are also being offered a collection of shirts for men's and boys' outerwear and knitware, as well as a polo collection, which has enjoyed great success.

The distribution takes place comprehensively throughout Germany and touches on virtually all European countries, in the meantime with more than one thousand customers in the high-end specialist field of retailers.