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The sales driver

The sales driver

Every saleswoman’s nightmare: The customer has decided on her favourite model, but her…

The more advanced the season , the more often this situation may recur . May, but need not - NOS programs goodness. To this , bread and Butter' article is usually made no fuss , dear one talks about fashion . We wanted to get to know more and asked Susanne Neumann according to the design and distribution in Milano Italy blouses, Mönchengladbach responsible .

"Yes, it's true ," smiles Susanne Neumann, " we would all prefer to talk about fashion and the latest trends , but NOS items are just in the area blouses indispensable. " Your observation after every fifth sold blouse is a NOS model.

"Of course Basics may not look boring . Finally, trade constantly needed changing faces issues. " Complicating therefore did not need to be the whole thing but still. The shirt still have two sleeves, a beautiful collar. It is whether combined a blazer or knitwear, simply versatile.

Nevertheless, it was important to communicate the theme blouse and skillfully at point of sale to set the scene . "We have been working for many seasons with changing NOS articles . Unis , Vichy , stripes and two print versions but always include the assortment.

Substantially all of our medium-sized retail customers lead Milano Italy NOS products . "On average , there are six different designs that form a spreading table usually . NOS blouses are also integrated into the seasonal range Frequently , that is : they are easy to set . These items are clearly identified so that trained staff directly see what is available and can be ordered at any time from Milano Italy . Important: houses, use EDI to do not even care about the aftercare . Once installed, the sales data is transmitted automatically . If the customer desires, the replenishment is assured. " The sonorous word , sales driver ' is thus to take seriously! " Said Susanne Neumann.

Text: Rainer Schlatmann

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